#AS2017 Attending Authors

S. Reynolds - www.authorsreynolds.com

Casey Clipper - http://www.caseyclipper.com
Renea Mason -
RK Gleason -
Elizabeth York -
Melody Heck Gatto -
Susan Renee -
Desiree Holt -

Colleen S. Myers - http://www.colleensmyers.com

V.L. Locey -  http://tinyurl.com/VLLoceyAMAZON

Julie Mishler -  http://tinyurl.com/JulieMishlerAMAZON

Tracy Kincaid -  http://tinyurl.com/TracyKincaidAMAZON

Janet A. Mota - www.janetamota.wix.com/mybooks

Sara V. Zook - http://www.saravzook.com

Leela Lou Dahlin - http://leelaloudahlin.com

Melanie Jayne - http://www.readmelaniejayne.com

Tracy Clark -  https://finderskeepersseries.com

Ariel Marie -www.thearielmarie.com

Next Chapter Crafts - http://tinyurl.com/NextChapterCrafts

Shea Swain - http://sheaswainwrites.com

Mary Smith - http://authormarysmith.blogspot.com

Katherine Rhodes - https://katherinerhodes.com
Lindsay Paige - http://www.lindsaypaige.com
Amabel Daniels - http://amabeldaniels.com
Eden Rose - http://www.authoredenrose.com
Melissa Hosack - https://melissahosack.wordpress.com

Maryann Jordan - www.maryannjordanauthor.com
J.M. Madden -
Allysa Hart - 

Anne Berkeley - www.anneberkeley.com

A. Sloan -http://authorasloan.weebly.com

Marissa Dobson - www.MarissaDobson.com

Susan Stoker - www.StokerAces.com

Stacy McKitrick - www.stacymckitrick.com

Lindsay Avalon - http://tinyurl.com/LindsayAvalonAmazon

Cindy McDonald - www.cindymcwriter.com

Abigail Drake - http://www.abigaildrake.com

CR Lemons -  http://www.crlemons.com

Jaymee Jacobs - http://www.jaymeejacobs.com

Renee Lee Fisher - http://reneeleefisher.com

Lisa B. Kamps - http://www.lisabkamps.com

Kennedy Layne - http://www.kennedylayne.com

Sarah Greyson - https://www.sarahgreyson.com

Jenn Dease - https://jenndease.com

Elle James - http://ellejames.com
Kallypso Masters - http://kallypsomasters.com

Sheridan Jeane - http://www.sheridanjeane.com

Samantha Wayland - www.samanthawayland.com

Nikki Rae - www.nikkiraeauthor.com

Reagan Hollow - http://reaganhollow.com

Chelle C. Craze - www.chelleccraze.blogspot.com

Heather Knight - http://heatherknight.net

Lasondra Burks/Sonny Blaise -www.lasondraburks.weebly.com

DD Lorenzo - www.amazon.com/DD-Lorenzo/e/B00GA5ARJ8

Alexandria Sure -https://alexandriasure.com
Stephanie Summers - www.authorstephaniesummers.com

Elisabeth Popolow - www.amazon.com/Elisabeth-Popolow
Alex Grayson -

C.E. Wilson - www.cewilsonauthor.com

Diantha Jones/A. Star - www.diantha-jones.com

C.D.-Bradley - https://www.amazon.com/C.D.-Bradley

March 4, 2017 in Washington, PA
The Meadows Casino

Are you interested in attending Angels & Sirens as a signing author or vendor?

We are excited to host another year of Angels & Sirens!

If you plan to attend #AS2017, make it a getaway!

Mingle with the Authors, The Casino, The After party.

Start planning now!